About us - "ZINIU MEDIS"

The maximum value of the state are healthy and able-bodied people. Occupational safety and health of the unit must be given special attention, so our goal is to help those responsible persons to provide safe and healthful working conditions for every employee, to spread the social dialogue and the implementation of other people's safety at work related requirements of the laws of civil protection and fire safety.

In addition, our professionals having many years of legal experience to advise you of bankruptcy, labor, contracts, debt collection, family law issues, and develop high levels of procedural documents.

Our distinctive features - high qualification, quality of work carried out, hands held and continuous development in today's knowledge in business processes and conditions, focus on the customer. We can communicate, conduct a series of seminars in Russian, English and German languages.

Please contact us immediately and we will give you advice on civil protection, health and safety, fire safety issues, provide legal assistance to private and legal persons, and suggest possible options for cooperation contracts.

"ZINIU MEDIS" is your adviser in civil protection, fire safety, occupational safety and health at work and legal services in Lithuania.



Miltelių gesintuvas, 6 kg, skirtas gesinti A, B, C tipo gaisrus ir veikiančius elektros prietaisus iki 1000 V, puikiai tinkantis tiek namams, tiek ir verslo subjektams, su GALIOJANČIA PATIKRA METAMS - TIK 25,00 Eur / 1 vnt.